What makes us Unique!

  1. Cutting-edge technology

    Our flagship legal product, eskwai (pronounced Esquire), uses state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to enable legal professionals perform comprehensive legal research faster and more accurately than ever before.
  2. Comprehensive database

    Looking for a comprehensive legal database? Look no further! Our database covers substantive and case law from Commonwealth countries. While we currently only offer content from Ghana, we're adding more countries soon!
  3. Natural language search

    Say goodbye to keywords and sifting through irrelevant results! With our Smart Search feature, you can search the law in everyday language and quickly find the most relevant passages and principles from cases and statutes to support or refute an argument.

Feature Listings

  • Ask Kwame provides straightforward answers to legal questions along with excerpts of supporting authorities with the option to view the full case documents.
  • Smart Search allows users to search our extensive database of case laws using natural language queries to uncover the most relevant passages in cases for a particular legal issue, argument or principle.
  • Title Search allows users to quickly find and read known cases by querying the titles.

All three features allow you to view full case documents.

Preview of eskwai mobile
Preview of eskwai